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Childhood Sexual Abuses & Lawsuit

We know more about the extensive effects of childhood sexual abuse, and the impact it has on a victim during adulthood.

On the prevalence of childhood sexual abuse, statistics fluctuate, but the estimate is over 30% of adult women, and nearly 20% of adult men were victims during childhood or adolescence of sexual abuse.

Many of these victims may have lasting impacts long into their lives, which includes an acute variety of psychological and emotional disorders that can interrupt their happy, healthy lives.

Adult Trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuses

The trauma of childhood sexual abuse for a number of survivors can leave a deleterious and extensive effect on many adult lives.

The effect on emotional scars can permeate within daily lives, from an individual’s personal relationship to his or her ability to fulfill a work task.

Many may persevere to conduct productive lives, but they still may struggle with emotional and painful setbacks based on the abuse of their childhoods.

Prevalent in society today are the most typical adult symptoms linked to childhood sexual abuse, which result in disorders. 

Granted, not all individuals with the disorders were abused sexually. However, it is no secret that many individuals who were sexually abused are more apt to possess these psychological and emotional dilemmas.

These issues entail the following:

Among the most typical symptoms reported among childhood sexual abuse adult survivors is depression.

This includes feelings of unworthiness, negative self image, and thoughts or actions of suicide.

Associated with depression, grownups who endured sexual abuse during childhood may be challenged in following sleep patterns that are normal.

Anorexia and bulimia eating disorders are commonly associated with sexual abuse.

The majority of childhood sexual abuse survivors deal with anxiety and fear disorders. They are usually prone to anxiety attacks, and phobias.

Many of the extensive anxiety effects are typically compared to disorders of post-traumatic effects experienced by military veterans.

Fear of intimacy and feelings of distrust can be the result of childhood sexual abuse to children.

This can have an effect on their ability to maintain reliable relationships with romantic partners, family and friends.

The majority of survivors of childhood sexual abuse have issues regarding relationships with sex.

This can entail sexual difficulties, high-risk behavior of promiscuity, and with women mostly, pain during intercourse.

Childhood sexual abuse and its impact can tarnish practically every aspect of the life of an adult survivor.

Therapy and counseling may help victims to a degree to overcome these challenges, but the emotional scars can persist for the duration of their lives.

In the United States, the estimate of 1 of every 3 women, and 1 of every 5 men survived childhood sexual abuse.

Overcoming childhood sexual abuse can be a battle throughout one’s life, which was catastrophically forced upon them during their formative years.

Many of these lawsuits require litigation. An attorney with experience will take certain precautions to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible for the victim.

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