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Pediatric Brain Traumatic Injury

For individuals of any age, a traumatic brain injury can be overwhelming. However, when the individual injured in this type of injury is a child, it usually brings along extensive complications and physical restrictions.

These injuries, often times, are a result of critical debilitation, which is no fault of the child at all.

Every year, approximately one million children sustain traumatic brain injuries, with nearly 20% of those who require a hospital stay. In fact, many of these children suffer deleterious pediatric brain trauma injury.

The largest percentage, in all, of traumatic brain injury in childhood among patients are four years of age and younger or 16 years of age and older.

Vehicle collisions and truck crashes are common causes of pediatric brain trauma in children and adolescents.

Those that suffer an infant brain injury, the very young, are usually victims of healthcare malpractice in treatment during childbirth or the early years.

A traumatic brain injury, or a closed-head injury of a child, is usually the result of the cause of forces in acceleration and/or deceleration head movement, or a head blow.

Many brain injury victims do not lose consciousness, although this is usually a contention of physicians with expertise serving as witnesses for the insurance companies.

Brain damage, in many incidences, happens during childbirth, which can cause cerebral palsy or other calamitous healthcare conditions.

This is usually a result of deprivation of oxygen to the infant's brain. Physicians are normally at-fault for causing major pediatric brain trauma injury from a host of inactions and actions that may include the following: neglect in providing a C-section when necessary, Pitocin abuse; misuse of forceps and vacuums within delivery; and a miscalculation of the size of the baby during childbirth.

Suffering brain injuries, in addition, may result in a newborn suffering from Erb’s palsy, infections, nerve damage, broken limbs, and spinal cord injury.

Shaken Baby Syndrome

Shaken baby syndrome is among the leading causes of brain injury in an infant. The result of child abuse often, shaken baby syndrome can result from a host of actions that may include dropping or throwing a child, a blow directly to the head, or shaking the newborn, infant, or child.

In the United States, cases involving child abuse pertaining to head trauma continue to be among the leading causes of death among young children.

A perpetrator of shaken baby syndrome, many times, is a parent or caregiver, who may shake the infant out of frustration or stress when the baby’s crying becomes inconsolable.

Typically, shaking the baby, unfortunately, can produce a desired effect by a perpetrator. While the baby will cry, after being shaken, more out of fear, crying ultimately will stop once the brain receives damage.

Personal injury attorneys represent victims of pediatric brain trauma injury due to an accident or medical malpractice.

Many clients have received financial compensation through an out-of-court settlement successfully negotiated by an attorney, or through a trial award held in front of a jury and judge.

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