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Wrongful Death Caused by Truck Accidents

Practically any collision involving a large semi truck transporting heavy cargo will result in a catastrophic accident with a number of fatalities and injuries. A fatal truck accident, often, leaves members of the family and loved ones grieving, wondering if the collision could've been preventable.

Normally, the family will seek the skills of an attorney with experience to find justice, and hold liable legally parties responsible for their actions.

When fatigue of the driver or error becomes involved, the crash can be even more calamitous, normally resulting in a number of deaths.

Wrongful death caused by truck accidents, within seconds, can leave the lives of surviving loved ones and friends changed forever.

Fatal crashes, in many situations, that involve commercial truck drivers typically result in civil and criminal action holding liable legally the trucker, trucking company, and other negligent parties for loss of life.

Many of these types of situations can cause a deadly accident involving a massive commercial vehicle.

Many of the daily situations include the following: the trucker was driving or speeding recklessly; the trucker fell asleep at the steering wheel; the motorist was negligent when operating the truck during inclement weather; the truck rolled over or jackknifed; the cargo was unsecured and overloaded, to spill out onto the roadway; and the truck was equipped improperly with necessary equipment of safety to protect other drivers.

Negligent driving can never ever be the option when operating a tractor-trailer, which can weigh approximately 80,000 pounds.

Many truckers and trucking companies, even so, regularly violate safety regulations stipulated by the Department of Transportation.

Trucking companies and truckers, normally, maintain stringent schedules to make on-time deliveries. The trucking companies, as a result, will do practically anything to make sure that timelines are fulfilled.

Skilled and experienced attorneys who specialize in wrongful death caused by truck accidents can make a determination if the truck company was at-fault via a host of actions, which may include the following: the trucking company hired operators with a long history of traffic violations; the trucking company hired drivers unqualified; the truck driver neglected to take rest breaks federally-mandated; the truck was being driven with overloaded cargo; the truck driver was operating at speeds excessive; the trucker tailgated passenger vehicles, which led to the accident; the trucker administered unsafe passing; the truck was equipped with poor brakes, bad tires, or other defective parts; and the truck was maintained improperly.

Recover for the Loss of a Loved One

Family members surviving may file a wrongful death case for a couple of specific reasons. One reason is for family members to receive monetary compensation for the loss of someone unable to earn subsequent essential income.

Another reason to file a wrongful death caused by truck accidents case is to make sure justice is served, and hold individuals liable legally for the negligence, errors, carelessness, and reckless behavior involved in the death.

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