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Wrongful Death Caused by Pharmacy Errors

Through maintaining health, supporting life, and curing illnesses, prescription medications save the lives of a number of patients.

When a medication error, however, by the medical staff or pharmacy causes the patient to die, family members surviving normally file a wrongful death caused by pharmacy errors lawsuit to pursue justice and monetary compensation.

Pharmacy error attorneys with skills and experience commit to hold negligent parties liable legally for their mishap when their inactions or actions result in the fatality of an individual.

If you have a family member who died due to an error made by a pharmacy, the most effective attorneys can assist you to receive the answers entitled to you.

You can contact attorneys for a case review with legal counsel who has experience to prosecute for wrongful death caused by pharmacy errors.

Medication Errors Result in Death

In a number of situations, the drug error is caused by the negligence of another. Often times, a medication mishap, slip up, or error can be the result of the patient becoming violently sick, and developing a medical condition life-threatening, if not die.

The most typical factors involved in a lawsuit for prescription medication error wrongful death entail the following: filling the wrong prescription; a pharmacy mistake; filling the prescription with the name that is similar to another medicine; illegible prescription written by the physician or read by the pharmacist; And era and administering the medication; the patient was given a medication prescribed to another individual; prescribing the wrong medication; at the wrong dosage, prescribing the right medication; an error in dosage including inappropriate dosing or drug overdose; the pharmacist made an error when compounding a prescribed medication; the pharmacist gave the individual the proper medication, but provided the wrong directions; mistake by the nursing staff including providing the patient the wrong medication in a nursing home, hospital, or other healthcare setting; a failure to explain side effects and warnings; and neglecting to review the history of the patient of adverse drug interactions on prescription medicines, over-the-counter drugs, and allergies.

A pharmacy that sells prescription medications have a legal responsibility of care anytime, for a patient, it fills a prescription.

This liability extends well beyond the pharmacy to hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities where pharmacies were employed during the filling of the prescription medication.

It is required for pharmacies to check every prescription for accuracy before the allocation of the medication to the consumer or the patient.

When the pharmacy clerk, technician, pharmacist, or other staff working at the counter becomes negligent, every individual responsible for the death of the patient can be held liable legally for monetary compensation to family members surviving.

The tort law of the state allows family members surviving to file a lawsuit for prescription medication error wrongful death against the physician, pharmacist, pharmacy, or other medical providers at-fault for the fatality of a loved one.

A lawsuit for wrongful death caused by pharmacy errors can offer compensation to assist in replacing any loss of extensive healthcare bills, earning capacity, purchase of a burial plot, and funeral costs.

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