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Failure to Yield Bike Accident

Bicycling for adults is becoming more popular. Whether it is to save funds on gas, receive more exercise, or to adapt a greener lifestyle, there are a number of individuals who hop on a bicycle more than usual.

In a survey, more than 57 million Americans over the age of 15 years old mentioned how they rode bicycles, with nearly half of them, when they did, using roads.

On the road, with more bicycles, there needs to be an awareness increase by motorists to prevent these bicycles to get where they are going safely. Personal injury attorneys can help bicyclists receive compensation for sustained injuries due to collisions, which result when motorists neglect to yield to them.

The most effective attorneys represent hundreds of cyclists to recover compensation from at-fault negligent drivers.

Although bicycle laws can vary throughout the nation, there are laws which regulate when and how vehicles must yield on the road for bicycles.

Many cities throughout the nation require that bicycles use the road, instead of sidewalks. Thus, there are tougher laws for failure to yield bike accident incidents to protect bicyclists on the roadways.

Many states require motorists to give cyclist no less than three feet of space during passing.

It is requisite in municipal law that those that enter or exit a vehicle yield to bicycles passing prior to opening a vehicle door into the path.

State law stipulates that when motorists turn right, they must not turn directly right in front of a bicycle that travels in the same direction.

Is requisite for motorists to yield to bicycles when making an approach from an opposite direction while making a left-hand turn.

Generally, motorists need to offer bicyclists the same consideration as any other motorist on the road; bicyclists, in turn, are expected to adhere to the same rules as well.

Bicyclist Injury Accidents

While there are no nationwide numbers on how many failure to yield bike accident incidents occur, there have been some state surveys, which suggest that vehicle motorists are at-fault more than half the time.

When motorists neglect to yield to bicyclists, the results can be calamitous for the bicyclists.

Some typical injuries to a bicyclist that happen during a collision of a bicycle and vehicle are the following: bruises and lacerations; traumatic brain injuries; fractured bones; and internal injuries.

Except for gear which a bicyclist has on his or her body, there is no protection, to the extent of injuries, which can be catastrophic.

It can take long durations of weeks, months, and years to recover from these types of accidents, which can leave a bicyclist with mounting healthcare bills, lost time from the workplace, and various out-of-pocket expenses.

If you have been in a failure to you to bike accident where a vehicle failed to yield, you need an attorney to fight your case on your side. This can prove the motorist was at-fault, which is only part of the process.

You also need legal representation to make certain that the insurance company or party at-fault offers you fair compensation for sustained injuries.

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