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Bicycle Accident Statistics

Bicycle accidents can cause critical, and at times, deadly injuries.

Lawsuits to acquire financial damages for sustained injuries in bicycle collisions with automobiles involve many of the similar issues as any vehicle collision lawsuit.

Liability for injuries sustained in bicycle accidents normally comes down to simple negligence.

Whether the negligence of the vehicle motorist caused the injuries of a cyclist, and whether any negligence by the bicyclist resulted in or contributed to the collision.

Pertaining to bicycle accident statistics, cyclists and motorists are obligated to obey the rules in traveling on the road.

Lawsuits for a bicycle accident are governed by state law, much like a vehicle collision lawsuit, and usually informed by local and state traffic laws.

When a bicyclist sues to acquire financial damages for sustained injuries in a collision with a vehicle, the outcome usually depends on two questions regarding bicycle accident statistics:

Did recklessness or negligence on behalf of the driver result in a collision and injuries resulting to the bicyclist? Did any negligence of the rider contribute or result in the collision?

Driver Negligence or Recklessness

For example, running a stop sign, speeding, and a drift into a bicycle lane all contribute to driver negligence, or recklessness if done with being aware of disregard for the safety of other individuals.

In a lawsuit that alleges negligence by another individual, typically, plaintiffs must show proof that the defendant acted in a manner that violated a responsibility owed to the plaintiff.

This means, in vehicle collision cases, violating the basic duty of care which is owed to every other individual on or near the roads.

Collision lawsuits come down to specific facts regarding an individual case.

Often, the ability of the plaintiff to show proof of negligence through the testimony of an eyewitness or other evidence.

In vehicle collision cases, however, there can be a negligence per se which constitutes traffic violations with behaviors.

There is then a shift of burden to the defendant to show proof that he or she did not cause the injuries of a plaintiff.

Whether a bicyclist sues a motorist, or a bicyclist is sued for cause of someone else’s injury, negligence of a cyclist can determine the outcome of the lawsuit.

When it comes to biker negligence, examples can include riding on an one-way street the wrong way, running a stop sign, and making an abrupt turn into traffic.

However, with more employees than ever commuting locally and nationally by bicycle, there has been an increase in many traffic collisions involving bicycles.

About 50% of all crashes, unsurprisingly, over a five-year time duration happened during the summer months of June July and August. However, many of these crashes occurred overall during daylight hours and during fair weather.

In regards to bicycle accident statistics, most alarming is that bicycle collisions are on the rise, as a percentage of all crashes related to transportation.

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