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Brain Damage Related to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Inhaling carbon monoxide will not only enter the bloodstream, but attach itself eventually to the red blood cells which transport oxygen throughout, to cause severe damage if a lot is inhaled.

Carbon monoxide, unfortunately, is tasteless, odorless, and invisible. This makes it hazardous, and even fatal for individuals who suffer from lingering exposure.

You or a family member may have suffered damage to the brain because of carbon monoxide poisoning. Thus, you should take immediate legal action.

These incidents, sadly, can result in the blatant negligence of manufacturers, and other parties.

The best attorneys are experienced and well-qualified to accept lawsuits related to brain injuries.

With expertise and vast experience, a personal injury attorney can handle cases that involve brain damage and carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Symptoms and Sources of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can resemble fatigue, nausea, headaches and flu easily. Hence, many individuals do not receive necessary medical treatment immediately.

This can also mean victims won’t take the necessary steps to discover the carbon monoxide source. This can result in them being exposed for a longer period.

It is vital to identify the poisoning gas source immediately to reduce any likely extensive damages and side-effects.

The following devices and products often produce carbon monoxide fumes: hot water heaters; gas stove tops; vehicle engines; diesel or portable gasoline generators; fireplaces and space heaters; and other types of devices powered by gas.

If any of these products are defective, left unattended, or have received damage, it could result in a carbon monoxide leak from fumes.

Hotels, apartments, facilities and homes more and more are installing carbon monoxide detectors. Some may be ineffective, outdated, or broken.

A claim can be filed against different parties, which include retailers, landlords, distributors, property managers, and manufacturers.

Initially, carbon monoxide symptoms can be minor, but long-term exposure can result in extensive consequences, such as an anoxic injury to the brain.

Damage to the brain is the most problematic symptom which can occur, normally linked to a variety of other medical complications.

Many individuals, for example, can endure movement disorders, cognitive and language challenges, and neurological dilemmas.

Other catastrophic symptoms can entail memory loss, seizures and coma.

Many individuals consider carbon monoxide poisoning as an instant occurrence, but injured victims can suffer from extended exposure, even at a minimum.

It may be in small doses, but the lingering poisoning could be highly deleterious.

The source of chronic exposure to carbon monoxide, if not removed, could become an anoxic injury to the brain.

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