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Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

No individual wants to live with the fatality or permanent injury of another individual on his or her conscience, which is why motorists should provide always the right of way in all circumstances to pedestrians.

Attorneys protect the rights of those individuals who have been killed or harmed due to the actions of a negligent vehicle motorist, and believe that being aware of the causes of pedestrian accidents will assist others to prevent these tragic accidents subsequently.

The use of iPads, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices can present more of a challenge for pedestrians to see or hear where they happen to be walking.

Some causes of pedestrian accidents can result in a pedestrian stepping onto the street, while looking down at his or her phone, or not hearing the vehicle, which is approaching when that individual makes a decision to cross the street.

Electric vehicles and hybrids do not make as much sound practically as vehicles with engines of combustion; many newer vehicles possess technology, which will cut off engines once they are stopped.

Granted, this can make things unnoticeable where vehicles once made distinct sounds previously, and pedestrians that do not look in all directions prior to crossing the road never see or hear the vehicle prior to the accident.

Inclement weather, dark clothing, and nighttime can all make it difficult for the pedestrians to detect even the most watchful of motorists. If you plan to walk in an area heavily trafficked, you can do motorists a favor, and minimize your chances of being in a collision by wearing bright colors, or even carrying a flashlight.

Almost 1/3 of all fatalities related to traffic are because of drunk driving, and there is little that anyone can do to prepare for a motorist who happens to be under the influence.

Streets with high-speed limits can be quite busy and very hazardous in the city for pedestrians.

Motorists who are in an awful hurry may roll stops, and prior to entering the intersection, neglect to look for pedestrians.

Speed is among the factors in many collisions, including those that involve pedestrians.

Motorists who pass school buses as they drop off children not only risk a major penalty, but may be a threat to the lives of the children who exit the bus and across the street.

Legal Representation for Pedestrian Accidents

Although there is a likelihood for a pedestrian to be negligent, the rule that the passenger must always have the right-of-way should still be exercised in order to prevent a result of critical harm to others.

It is crucial to know the causes of pedestrian accidents. If you become injured or a family member is killed in a collision with a negligent motorist, you may be entitled to pursue financial compensation for sustained injuries, and other expenses related.

Every individual needs to be treated with respect and dignity, whether he or she is a patient in the hospital, a customer in the shipping center, or a patron in the public arena.

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