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Drug Possession

Marijuana Charges

Marijuana possession charges are some of the most criminalizing in the country. The State of New Hampshire holds some of the heaviest penalties for marijuana possession charges. Fines, jail time, and probation are just a few of the life-altering penalties that can severely impact your everyday family and personal life. Though NH citizens continually push for less harsh penalties, marijuana possession is still a crime, and you must remember that even the smallest amounts can label you a criminal. It is imperative that you know your rights. You can find further definition of this charge by reading RSA 318-B:26.

Cocaine Charges

In the state of New Hampshire, cocaine charges are held to a much higher standard than marijuana charges. It is not only a crime to be in possession of cocaine, but it is also a crime to sell or have intent to sell. Cocaine charges carry with them heavy fines and life changing sentences. Not only are these consequences severe, but cocaine is also a very addictive drug. Consequently, most sentences will require probation as well as counseling to help with the abuse. Be careful of the actions you take, but also be aware of your rights and freedoms. Call the Anzalone Law Firm if you have been charged with any type of drug offense. To find further definition to defend your rights and know your charge, go to RSA 318-B:26.

What are the Charges for Possession of Drugs in a Vehicle?

You can be charged with a misdemeanor if you knowingly drive on a public way while in the possession of a drug. In any case of a possession charge, there is the chance of a jail sentencing. Also, there is a loss of license in any possession charge, big or small. Possession can also include the intent to be in possession or intent to distribute. This can include things like baggies, paraphernalia, or excessive cash leading to the possibility of selling. These pieces of evidence lead to a strong case for prosecution and you have a right to a strong defense team like the attorney’s at the Anzalone Law Firm.

What is a Controlled Drug?

Under RSA 318-B:1, the definition of a Controlled drug is "... any drug or substance, or immediate precursor, which is scheduled pursuant to RSA 318-B:1-a." The commissioner of the state determines what a controlled drug may or may not be. The commissioner takes into consideration the type of abuse that can be caused by the use of the drug, the potential for addiction, and other specific considerations. For types of controlled drugs, you can visit Controlleddrugs.org. Know your rights and know what you are being charged with if you have been charged.

What Kind of Items can be Considered Drug Paraphernalia?

You hear the word quite frequently, but what does paraphernalia mean and what does it include? Drug paraphernalia can be defined as equipment or products that are typically used for illegal drug use. Paraphernalia simply is any type of product or equipment you may use to smoke or ingest the drug; for example a tobacco bowl used for smoking marijuana would be considered drug paraphernalia.

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