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Plea Bargains

When you are arrested for a crime in New Hampshire, it doesn’t always mean that you’ll end up with the worst possible sentence. For example, you could enter into what is called a plea bargain.

A plea bargain occurs when the prosecutor, who represents the state of New Hampshire, offers you a deal in exchange for you pleading guilty. In this case, the prosecutor would make the offer to your criminal defense attorney, who would talk this over with you to determine the best option for you.

Criminal Defense lawyer Michael Anzalone is a specialist in getting plea deals done when it is in a client’s best interest. He will work with you, explaining the pros and cons of accepting a plea bargain and will make sure that you are completely comfortable with the process before proceeding.

Who Should Take a Plea Deal?

There are many advantages to taking a plea deal.

This kind of deal typically calls for a reduced charge or for a sentence that is lower than the average sentence. Accepting a plea deal takes away the risk of going before a jury of your peers and being found guilty of a crime that carries a longer jail time. At the very least, a plea bargain offers you an alternative that may save you time and money.

Typically, when you are arrested for something such as a DWI driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs an attorney would advise you to plead not guilty during your initial court appearance. But it is essential to remember that you have the right to change your mind about a plea at any time. Pleading guilty at first gives your defense lawyer time to go over the case, collect evidence and determine the best kind of defense strategy for your case.

If you don’t change your guilty plea, your case will head down the road toward a trial. But in many cases, there are opportunities to reach a deal with prosecutors. Sometimes this means that they don’t really have a strong case against you and think that a jury may acquit you. Or, the prosecutor may be overworked and not have time to prosecute your case. For that reason, they may offer a plea deal.

This is another good reason that you should hire criminal defense attorney Michael Anzalone to represent you, no matter the charges you are facing.

Michael Anzalone has a track record of working with prosecutors and has been highly successful in getting plea deals for many clients. While plea bargains don’t always work out, you can rest assured that The Anzalone Law Firm in Nashua, New Hampshire, will work diligently on your case.

The way the laws are written in New Hampshire, the prosecutor must write a letter to the Attorney General before charges against someone can be reduced in a plea deal. So this is a process that involves a lot of give an take.

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Great lawyer...Professional, organized, caring and effective. Michael is very informative and was always willing to explain the reasons behind what was being done. Can't say enough about how helpful he was every step of the way. It was really nice to feel like I actually understood what was going on with my case. Catherine Veilleux