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Criminal Trespass

Law enforcement officers in New Hampshire consider criminal trespass a serious issue.

So, if you’ve been arrested on a trespassing charge, you should immediately contact criminal defense lawyer Michael Anzalone. He can help you untangle what could be a complicated legal situation.

You may not even understand the charges when you are arrested on a criminal trespass violation. In fact, you may be charged with a violation, or it could be a misdemeanor. Or, in the worst case scenario, you may be arrested on felony charges.

Simply speaking, criminal trespass is the act of being in a place where you are not allowed, or staying there after you have been asked to leave. According to New Hampshire’s Criminal Code, found at RSA 635:2, criminal trespass becomes a Class B felony on the second offense if the person has caused more than $1,500 in damages.

It is a misdemeanor if it takes place in an occupied structure, or if it is in any secured premises, or if you defy an order to leave. Or you could be charged if you defy a court order to leave. If it doesn’t rise to the level of a misdemeanor, you will just be given a violation.

If you don’t belong in a place, simply don’t enter. Or don’t stay if you are asked to leave.

That’s how you avoid being charged with criminal trespass.

Your attorney will tell you it’s best to never get involved in a criminal lifestyle. And in this case you may not even consider yourself a criminal. Many of these criminal trespass cases happen in families, where one person thinks they have the right to be in a certain place. Take for example, a couple that is splitting up. One spouse may call the police on the other spouse for criminal trespass if they are going through a nasty separation or a divorce.

These are the kinds of things that can happen in a criminal trespass case.

Michael Anzalone has represented multiple clients who have faced this type of charge and has successfully defended their cases in court. He will make every effort to get you the best possible outcome.

If there are not a tremendous number of witnesses or if there is a lack of strong evidence, he may recommend going before a judge and jury to get an acquittal. If there is evidence against you, he may recommend seeking a plea arrangement during which you would plead guilty to a lesser offense to get a lighter sentence.

This is the kind of charge that can wreck your life, especially if you have never been in legal trouble before. You may be highly embarrassed by your arrest and your family may be embarrassed as well. If your boss hears about your arrest, it could even cause trouble at work. And, If you seek another job in the future, this could affect your opportunities.

The best advice is to call Michael Anzalone today at 603.548.3797 to get a free consultation.

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Great lawyer...Professional, organized, caring and effective. Michael is very informative and was always willing to explain the reasons behind what was being done. Can't say enough about how helpful he was every step of the way. It was really nice to feel like I actually understood what was going on with my case. Catherine Veilleux