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Death Threat

If you have been accused of making a death threat against someone, you could be in a lot more trouble than you can imagine.

This could also be call criminal threatening. And there is a law in New Hampshire to cover this charge.

After you have been arrested on this kind of charge, you should call criminal defense attorney Michael Anzalone to help you get out of this bind that you’ve found yourself in.

In many cases, a death threat is probably just that. A treat, made out of anger. It’s probably not something that you intended to actually carry through with. But, nevertheless, a death threat is a death threat. And if the person you hurled the threat toward was scared you might cause harm, he or she probably called the police.

And that’s how you found yourself facing this situation.

What are the Penalties for a Death Threat?

The penalties can be harsh for someone accused of making a death threat, depending on the circumstances. This crime is laid out in the state’s criminal code, RSA 631:4.

For example, a person is guilty of criminal threatening in New Hampshire for a number of reasons. Chief among them are if the person tries to put someone else in fear of “imminent” bodily harm or physical contact.

There are many other reasons that someone can be accused of making a death threat. For example, if you place any kind of markings or graffiti or object with the intent of coercing or terrorizing onto someone’s property, you could be arrested on a death threat charge. The same is true if you threaten someone with a crime, or threaten criminal activity against their property.

More commonly, perhaps, are incidents in which you physically threaten someone. If this threat is deemed to terrorize that person in any way, you could be charged with making a death threat. And, the same holds true if you found to have committed any kind of crime of violence against someone.

In cases of having a biological or chemical product delivered to or used on someone, you can also expect to be arrested on serious charges. For example, if you cause the evacuation of any kind of place of assembly a movie theater, a school or courthouse or any form of public transportation, you can be accused of making a death threat.

In short, you will need a criminal defense lawyer if you have been accused of making a death threat against someone, or a property such as a school.

Anyone who is charged with making a death threat will likely be facing a Class B felony that carries jail time of up to seven years in prison, for the most part. A judge can also add on fines and/or other penalties.

This is the kind of crime that doesn’t have to happen. Your defense lawyer will advise you to always keep your temper in check to avoid situations like this in the future.

This is a crime that can be embarrassing to you and to your family. And your reputation may take a serious hit as well.

Your best bet is to have a lawyer who is well versed in defending these types of crimes.

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