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Public Indecency

Communities across the country have certain standards of decency and one of those applies to public nudity.

If you have been arrested for on a public indecency charge, that essentially means that you were involved in acts involving nudity, or some other kind of sexual activity, while in view of the general public.

This is a line that should not be crossed. But if you get arrested, your very first move should be to call Michael Anzalone at The Anzalone Law Firm in Nashua, New Hampshire.

This kind of charges typically includes indecent acts such as indecent exposure, or other activities that are considered to be lewd in nature.

The state’s statutes spell out the penalties, which you can read here, at RSA 645:1.

It is spelled out in black and white. A person is guilty of a misdemeanor if he or she “fornicates, exposes his or her genitals, or performs any other act of gross lewdness.”

It becomes a Class B felony is the person _ under circumstances that may reasonably be construed as being for the purpose of sexual pleasure _ while knowing that a child under the age of 16 is present. This is a big no-no.

And the crime can be bumped up to a Class A felony if the person has been previously convicted of two or more similar offenses.

This is the kind of charge that could trigger a requirement to have you register as a sex offender.

So it is of the utmost importance to have a criminal defense attorney representing you who is well-versed in the state’s laws sex laws, which this falls under.

It is certainly not a charge that you want on your record because it may cost you future employment among other things.

One thing Michael Anzalone will want you to know is that if you are arrested you should not talk to authorities until you have spoken to your criminal defense attorney. This is because anything that you tell investigators or detectives can _ and most likely will _ be used against you in court.

Here is what you can immediately take away when you hire Michael Anzalone to represent you. You can be assured that your best interests will always be a top priority.

You’ll talk your case over with your attorney to determine whether you should plead guilty in exchange for a lesser sentence, or take your case in front of a judge and jury.

It is our number one goal to help you get back on your feet as soon as possible.

An arrest can wreck your life. After an arrest _ even before a conviction _ your reputation could be tarnished, you could lose your job and your family might be very embarrassed.

When you have been charged with indecent exposure, you’ll want to have a top-notch law firm representing you. You can call The Anzalone Law Firm in Nashua, New Hampshire, to schedule a free consultation with Michael Anzalone. If you hire us, we will make you our number one priority.

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