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Warehouse Worker Accidents

In the warehouse, workers label products, manage inventory, fulfill orders, load trucks, break bulk packaged materials into singular items, and handle shipments with returns on a daily basis.

Work in the warehouse certainly has its risks, even when an employee fulfills essential, simple and basic tasks.

Warehouse worker accidents, with some involving death, inside of a warehouse,, sadly, is a typical problem that can be severe, namely when forklifts, heavy machinery, falling, extensive overtime, and faulty equipment and shelving are involved.

Mistreatment of Warehouse Employees

Throughout the United States, many of us have heard stories for years regarding mistreatment of warehouse employees in various ways due to long hours, overexertion, and injuries in the workplace.

Although employees inside many of these warehouses are often, beyond the physical limits, pushed hard, many usually on a daily basis question their job security.

This is due to the fact that work performance is monitored closely by managerial staff members and supervisors.

Several complaints by employees have exposed the fast-paced work inside many of these warehouses and fulfillment centers, which places an employee at risk of sustained injury if goals set by employers are fulfilled, or termination of employment if an employee is not able to maintain a certain pace.

Injuries from overexertion, trucks, forklifts, slip and falls, falling objects, and working on loading docks can be caused by warehouse worker accidents.

Forklifts in loading and unloading trucks via elevating cargo pallets, and moving on and off a loading dock platform can result in hazardous situations, which involve employees, working around heavy machinery, being unprotected.

Any job that involves heavy manual lifting can result in overexertion injuries when the body is under significant stress, through pushing, pulling, lowering, and/or transporting materials, products, and goods.

Individuals who work at these warehouses can sustain injuries after being struck by objects when equipment fails, inventory shifts, or loads fall.

These kinds of injuries are usually severe, with some ending in death. Slippery or wet areas, and floors that are uneven, normally populate the inside of the warehouse, which can result in an injury from an unexpected fall.

Other employees sustained injuries when day trip over containers, empty pallets, spilled inventory, or debris which can produce severe hazards from tripping.

Areas that are lit poorly inside a warehouse can make it a key challenge for an employee to avoid the likelihood of an obstacle or pitfall in dark spaces.

OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration via the United States Department of Labor has issued warnings, hazard alert letters, as well as citations to entities that violate federal regulations and rules regarding worker safety.

Essentially, many of the fulfillment centers and warehouses have been cited critical health alerts and fines after the federal agency investigated various complaints pertaining to workplace safety.

If you have been involved in one of the warehouse worker accidents, it is imperative to employ an experienced attorney who can work on your behalf to determine your eligibility for wage loss, healthcare benefits, and assistance in rehabilitation.

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