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Injured Refuse and Recyclable Material Workers

Workers in waste management are imperative to our society; unfortunately, they have among the most thankless and challenging jobs to fulfill.

These employees not only fulfill labor that is backbreaking, while working extended hours, but they are exposed to a number of hazards in the process.

This is the exact reason injured refuse and recyclable material workers deserve to be cared for, and their loved ones are entitled to recover damages when they die on the job.

Recent statistics revealed that waste management among occupations was the fifth most fatal.

Primarily, this is due to the fact most sanitation workers become exposed to countless hazards, which entail the powerful equipment they operate, the fickle nature of motorists, and the likelihood of coworker negligence.

Approximately one quarter of sustained injuries in waste management result in backing accidents. Other typical injury cases derive from improper securement of objects, and traffic incidents.

Following are several of the most typical accident cases among injured refuse and recyclable material workers:

The employee is hit by a backing truck because a driver is not able to see that individual.

Incidents in backing can entail other vehicles, which can place a worker in danger on the back of the truck of becoming crushed between the truck and other motor vehicle.

The employee is hit by a reckless, distracted, or basically negligent motorist.

While there are a number of safety measures employees can consider to diminish any risk of sustained injury, among the things they cannot control is the behavior of drivers, when on the routes, they encounter.

The employee is hit by debris or an object.

Garbage trucks have compactors that are powerful, and capable of shattering and compressing a number of kinds of materials.

At times, there is a likelihood for compressed refuse to burst or shatter, sending metal and debris in the direction of bystanders and employees.

A malfunction in equipment can result in injury of the worker. It is crucial that the machinery used in functions of waste management is inspected and maintained properly due to deleterious consequences of mechanical failure.

An employee may not receive suitable training, or a worker who lacks experience can injure another person on the job because of an error in judgment, or a mistake.

Every employee needs safety training regularly, and understand appropriate procedures for operation of heavy equipment, and backing for the purpose to minimize injury risks.

The Severity of Waste Management Injuries

It should come as no surprise that working around and with heavy equipment can cause more critical accidents than working in a setting less hazardous.

It is quite possible that injured refuse and recyclable material workers on the job site are unable to return to the workplace. This is why workplace injury attorneys commit to ensure clients have easy access to recover financial damages, which will fulfill their subsequent needs, as well as their current obligations.

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