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Mining Accidents

The occurrence of mining accidents are usually connected with minerals or mining metals.

Each year, thousands of miners lose their lives in these accidents, in the process of hard rock mining and coal mining, especially.

Surface mining, generally speaking, normally it’s less dangerous than underground mining.

Today, the majority of deaths occur in China, and other developing countries. The coal mines of China are the deadliest in the world, killing on a daily average 13 miners.

Dangers Occurring in Mines

Mines a fatal enough already, and employers do not necessarily need to contribute to a setting already filled with hazards.

The following examples are of means in which fellow employees or employers contribute to causing harm to workers, or how machinery and equipment can contribute to mining accidents:

When employees are fatigued and overworked, these individuals are more apt to make errors.

Studies have confirmed that being tired has the same effects on speed of reaction, and the ability to make prudent decisions, as being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

When an employee is not trained properly on how to perform specific job functions, or operate machinery safely, he or she can become more likely to make errors, which can result in expensive consequences.

These accidents are not usually the result of actions done intentionally; individuals do make mistakes.

When an error results in the sustained injury, or fatality of another individual, however, there should be consequences.

It’s already dangerous when using heavy machines during operations of mining; however, it becomes exacerbated when employees are under the influence, or impaired, which is fully unacceptable for any individual, in such a manner, to place other workers at risk.

Silica dust and other toxic substances are tossed into the air because of drilling, blasting, and various operations which are imperative to the operation of mining.

Inhalation of the substances over a long duration of time may result in silicosis, cancer, and other critical medical conditions. It is the responsibility of the employer of the victim to offer compensation for any care of these fatal conditions.

At the expense of employees, some employers are renowned for cutting corners in order to minimize costs, and maintain seemingly acceptable margins.

This may result in the neglect to offer safety devices necessary in preventing sustained injuries. Thus, the employer may be held liable of negligence, and he or she may be found guilty of injuries sustained due to safety standard violation.

Making a determination of liability can be instrumental to secure attaining full compensation in a legal claim.

Workplace injury attorneys commit to evaluating the history of manufacturers and employers to expose patterns of safety workplace violations, reconstruct completely accident conditions to offer insight into what went awry, and inspect machinery involved in mining accidents to make a determination whether improperly maintained or defective machinery contributed to the accident.

Economists and healthcare experts can make a determination of the compensatory impact of sustained injuries, and what healthcare treatment is necessary for rehabilitation.

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