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Forklift Accidents

Forklifts have the ability to transport heavy pallets and various materials. In American industry and business, forklifts have become quite indispensable, from warehouses to factories to supermarkets and construction locations.

Forklifts, unfortunately, also function in the role of creating catastrophic injuries and fatalities on-the-job, in the thousands.

Forklift accidents, in the United States, are responsible for the deaths each year of 100 workers; these accidents result in another 20,000 individuals with sustained injuries.

In the workplace environment, the forklift, as well as the operator, are part of incidents regarding injuries and fatalities.

Many employers and workers are not knowledgeable of safety procedures or the appropriate use of operating forklifts; this increases the potential of sustained injuries, or even death.

Operators who are poorly trained may not know that they should prevent any turns on inclines, grades, or ramps.

Operators who are not trained may not be aware that if a tip over happens, to remain with the forklift.

Fatalities in Forklift Injuries

Essentially, the three most typical fatalities related to forklifts are the following: overturns in a forklift; moving forklifts striking other workers; and forklift falls.

Forklift overturns, among these, are the primary cause of deaths; this can lead to one out of four fatalities.

Approximately one out of five deaths entails another worker struck by a moving forklift; one out of six deaths happens when an individual becomes crushed by a moving forklift.

Regarding forklift accidents, employers can reduce the risk by offering a work environment that is safe. For operators, safe work practices and proper training should include, in areas where forklifts are operated, traffic management.

Employers should be required to comply with regulations of OSHA, and appropriately steer mechanisms, maintain brakes, guard safety devices, and lift overload devices.

When work is achieved from a platform that is elevated, restraining means, such as chains or rails, must be set in place, or an individual on the platform must wear a body belt.

When the safety regulations are ignored or overlooked, this can result in a fatal outcome for employees who work near or operate forklifts.

If you have sustained injuries in a workplace accident involving forklifts, or if a family member has lost his or her life, you may be entitled to benefits of worker’s compensation, and you should consult immediately with a worker’s compensation attorney with experience.

Injuries sustained by forklift accidents are usually catastrophic, considering the weight and size of forklifts and the loads.

Pinning and crushing type of injuries are some of the most severe injuries which are a result from accidents related to forklifts; frequently, these injuries can become permanent, with disability and death.

OSHA has come to recognize the hazards connected with forklifts; many statutory requirements exist which are linked to the general operation of these machines, as well as the training of operators.

Personal injury attorneys routinely refer to applicable references of OSHA in relation to driver training and operation to assist in prosecuting forklift injury cases.

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