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Medical Benefit Work Comps

Insurance carriers and employers often aim to provide a lump sum settlement as it normally terminates any subsequent payments to the employee for sustained injury, and in the long run cost them much less.

A large lump sum benefit make seemingly be enticing to a worker who sustained injuries. It is crucial, however, that legal counsel represents him or her to determine whether the settlement of lump sum is in the worker’s best interest, and whether the amount offered is sufficient to cover their present and subsequent costs financially for sustained injury.

If you sustained injuries, and have legal questions pertaining to the value of your lump sum case, immediately contact an attorney to discuss your case who will look out for your legal rights in a medical benefit work comp case.

Pros and Cons of Lump Sum Settlements

Any worker injured that is provided a lump sum settlement or benefit from an employer for a sustained injury needs to consider the pros and cons of payment acceptance.

An insurance carrier or employer must have a reason to offer a lump sum benefit.

There are times, however, when a lump sum settlement can be in the best interest of a worker.

A worker who sustained injuries should consider the following when offered a lump sum: whether the lump sum amount is sufficient to cover healthcare and cost of time loss for injury; how a settlement can have an effect on the rights to benefits, such as healthcare; the time duration any worker may not be able to work; and the likelihood the healthcare condition may become worse.

Many workers injured promptly accept a settlement of a lump sum offered by the insurance company of the employer, or the employer, without taking into consideration the cost of subsequent healthcare treatments, the time duration they’re not able to work, or whether the employee will be able to return to work at all.

Once a lump sum benefit is accepted by the employee, and the contract is accepted by the state industrial commission, most likely, the employee will not be eligible for any additional medical benefit work comps for sustained injury.

There are likely benefits, however, to accepting a work injury settlement contract. An employee, in several cases, may be at risk of not receiving benefits, or even less than the settlement amount.

Namely in injury cases which are difficult to prove whether an illness or injury was a result of the work environment, a worker who sustained injuries may benefit from accepting the settlement, as opposed to taking a risk losing in the trial.

Whenever a medical benefit work comps lump sum settlement is offered, injured workers should have a respectable attorney with experience on their side for all options to be considered, and be mindful of the best interests.

An attorney familiar with settlement offers and worker’s compensation can help deem whether the lump sum is equitable, and discuss the likelihood of risks in pursuit of a trial.

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