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Power Take Off Accident

A power take off shaft or driveline is a piece of equipment that is mechanical designed to transport generated power on a farm tractor, in tow, to operate equipment.

At 540 revolutions per minute, the equipment rotates; and up to 1,000 revolutions per minute when operating at full speed.

Though a crucial component to maximizing processes of harvesting and cultivating, the dangers are inherent in the use of the equipment, namely when specific components are incomplete, defective, or damaged.

Thousands of farm workers, each year, are killed or injured due to a power take off accident when the equipment results in an injury or entanglement on the job.

The farm worker, without the device shaft being shielded properly, can be exposed to a shaft that revolves at immense high speed.

The revolving shaft, if caught in the equipment, can grind away muscles, skin, and tendons while causing an amputation, or breaking bones.

Power take off entanglement is a major factor among the majority of deaths and injuries happening, as a result of a power take off accident.

Owners on a farm are advised to implement, enforce, and develop specific practices of safety to make sure protection on the job is offered to all workers.

These important practices entail:

The power take off should be disengaged always, and the engine should be shut off prior to leaving the tractor seat.

Wait until the driveline and the machinery come to a complete stop prior to administering maintenance or adjusting equipment.

Perform a check of safety on every farm worker, as well as yourself, to make certain that any shoelaces, loose hair, or other straps, from moving parts, are secured away.

Never wear jewelry or clothes that are loose fitting when operating a tractor to prevent entanglement.

Appropriately secure all hair that is long by making sure it is tied back under a cap to reduce any likelihood of becoming stuck in the machinery.

Teach others about the fatal risks of power take off entanglement.

Caution all individuals about power take off entanglement as they approach the equipment, tractor, and machinery when near a driveline on the move, and maintain a working zone that is safe.

While a power take off shaft is moving, never reach over or step across.

Any damaged or missing shield should be repaired or replaced.

With appropriate guarding, which can include ternal guards that are U-shaped, retrofitting tractors can be highly effective at reducing the likelihood of risks related to a power take off accident.

Maintaining OSHA Compliance

Guarding for farm equipment, however, needs to be maintained and inspected routinely to make sure OSHA compliance is in place.

Every harm that involves a power take off mishap needs to be addressed properly among all farm workers.

Farm owners, supervisors, and managers, in addition, should conduct with every employee informal training.

If you have sustained injuries, or a family member had died due to a driveline or power take off entanglement, you may be entitled to recover damages.

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