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Skid Steer Loader Accidents

A piece of equipment that is valuable, a skid steer loader is used in manufacturing, agricultural, landscaping, and construction industries.

Of the compact tractor, the lifting capacity offers a number of opportunities for administering a host of tasks to fulfill the needs of the operator and owner.

The loader can be used as a front end loader, forklift, greater, bulldozer, or other tool with the proper attachments.

The skid steer loader, most commonly, is equipped with a bucket that is wide, and that can transport and lift vast amounts of gravel, dirt, or sand to be deposited somewhere else.

Due to their ability and agility, however, to maneuver on different surface levels in tight places, skid steer loader accidents happen frequently.

National Safety Council statistics reveal that the operation of a skid steer loader is still an occupation with plenty of high risks.

Design Defects with Skid Steer Loaders

The risks are major when it pertains to the various features related to a skid steer loader exposed to operators.

The wheels lock, as one independent feature, to enable the equipment to make a turn into tight spaces confined quickly.

This feature may appear to be beneficial, but it can place the equipment and operator of a rollover at-risk.

Most steer skid loaders are powered by diesel engines, in addition, to make them hazardous and noisy to respiratory health due to the emission of toxic exhaust fumes.

What is also considered hazardous is the entering and exiting of a skid steer loader, where an operator can gain access only stepping over or on the bucket via the front.

Between the arm and left arm pivot points, many of the controls are set.

The feet or hands of the operator, while working, can come in contact with the moving parts or controls, and the lift arm or the bucket can pin or crush the operator easily.

When it comes to skid steer loader accidents, the most typical dangers involved in using the equipment can include the following: dumping loads on others; pinning or crushing others; rollovers; operating over others; when backing up because of limited visibility, severe accidents; lacerations, crushed limbs, and severe injury due to a lift being lowered; and sustained injuries when doing maintenance on the bucket.

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