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Window Washing Worker Accidents

Inherent with risks, window washing is that type of industry. An employer has a responsibility to prepare employees legally for these types of risks.

Even with the utmost caution and care in washing windows from high levels by employees, several risks merely cannot be prevented.

A neglect to maintain scaffolding, or to warn employees of dangers in the worksite properly may result in an employer to be held liable for window washing worker accidents to cause sustained injuries.

Companies for window cleaning can refrain from liability in these accidents when they completely know of OSHA regulations, and train employees properly.

Special equipment and protective gear may be required by employees for cleaning windows from high levels.

Safety Standards by the International Window Cleaning Association

The International Window Cleaning Association is identified with safe practices in the industry of window cleaning.

Companies for window cleaning should always become familiar with the Window Cleaning Safety Standard in managing their operations.

The intent of such a standard is to improve continuously the safety of employees in the window cleaning industry.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also OSHA, uses this particular standard in creating its very own regulations.

Under this particular standard, employers must offer equipment of safety, and maintain a secure work site for the employees.

This means that employers in the window-cleaning industry may be required to employ a supervisor on-site to be vigilant over the tasks fulfilled by window cleaners.

Window cleaners may also need gear, such as harnesses, if, from high-rise buildings, they are washing windows.

Companies for window cleaning may have a responsibility to offer employees with ladders, boatswain's chairs, work belts, special supportive scaffolds, and rope systems.

Prior to the use of window-cleaning equipment by employees, and employer may find it necessary to train them properly.

To prevent window washing worker accidents, buildings may need to be inspected prior to window cleaners fulfilling their tasks.

An employer, may also need to inspect the equipment which will be used.

Window cleaning companies have a legal responsibility to ensure that instructions from the manufacturer are reviewed to instruct employees on appropriate equipment use.

They may also find it necessary to anticipate any rescue plan in the circumstance that employees are in danger while, from high heights, washing windows.

Part of the program for training should instruct the window washers on the proper clearance levels for using scaffolds.

Window washers may also find it necessary to know of other risks which may exist in the workplace, such as power lines.

It may be necessary for power lines to be deactivated or moved prior to the window washers starting any task.

Employees should be well aware of how to use a system of a fall arrest in the circumstance that there is impending danger.

Window washers of skyscrapers may become critically injured if they do not know the use of protective equipment.

If you have sustained injuries in one of the window washing work accidents, it is likely you have a legal claim against the employer.

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