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Office Worker Accidents

In the same way that emergency responders, construction workers, and manufacturing workers place themselves in harm’s way, many workers in the office do not sustain similar type of injuries.

However, due to a hazard that may be extensive or immediate, they may still sustain injuries and office worker accidents.

Sustained Injuries of Office Workers

Many individuals do not consider the possibility that office workers can sustain injuries in the workplace because of the safety, which most possess from obvious hazards and elements, such as falling objects and machinery.

An office worker is not as likely to sustain a catastrophic injury, which requires prompt emergency medical attention. However, he or she may still sustain injuries due to a poorly maintained workplace, environmental hazards, or repeatedly using the hands.

As for office worker accidents, here are several of the most typical injuries that occur:

Due to posture, research has proven that the human body was never meant to sit for eight or more hours a day in one place; as several workers work long hours, they become subjected to strain in the shoulders, neck, and back.

Ergonomic keyboards and chairs may be of assistance. However, not when an employee is stuck for long shifts in a chair.

Injuries from repetitive use can affect an office worker for a long time duration. This can place them at a risk much greater in the development of carpal tunnel, which can be vastly excruciating and debilitating.

While some treatments in therapy can slow down any progression of symptoms of carpal tunnel, most employees require surgery to address the pressure placed on the median nerve, which results in carpal tunnel.

Normally, if you are required to sit at a computer for a long time duration, in front of a screen, you are advised to find another object to focus on once every 20 minutes for your vision.

Extensive exposure to computer screens can result in a degenerative eye condition, which can result in critical impairment.

Workers who sustain eye strain on a routine basis may also sustain critical migraines or headaches.

If vision changes can attribute to the use of a computer in the long-term, the cost of lenses or corrective procedures in a worker’s compensation claim may be recoverable.

Nearly every workplace presents a hazard for trips, slips, and falls of a worker when cluttered, unmarked, or washed floors in areas with high traffic presents a risk to endanger others.

While many slips and trips result in injuries that are minor, catastrophic injuries may result if the individual lands in an awkward position when he or she falls.

An environment with high stress can have an impact that is negative on our health.

Unrealistic expectations, verbal abuse, tight deadlines, and excessive overtime from an employer can result in emotional distress, and an increase in the risk of stroke and heart disease caused by office worker accidents.

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