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Shipping & Freight Worker Injuries

Considered to be the backbone of American sales and production by many is the shipping and transportation industry.

Manufacturers would not be able to receive the supplies necessary to create products, and consumers would not be able to purchase goods necessary, if there were little to no means for the transport of products to doorsteps and stores by manufacturers.

Being that employees of shipping and trucking are exposed regularly to materials and machinery, which can pose the risk of shipping & freight work injuries, workplace injury attorneys can commit to make sure that workers receive full compensation entitled to them under the state’s worker’s compensation law for them to focus on physical recovery without the stress of added pituitary responsibilities.

Causes of Shipping and Trucking Accidents

Every transportation and shipping worker has a small role in a vast process, which can transport an innumerable amount of products and supplies throughout the United States.

Truck drivers and shipping workers are required, near powerful machinery, to operate and transport heavy objects on a daily basis.

Following are several ways in which workers can sustain shipping & freight worker injuries:

When workers are required on a routine basis to lift heavy materials or boxes, it can be easy for them to incorrectly lift an item.

This may result in sustained injuries to a person's back, which may require long term health care treatment and physical therapy for recovery.

Repeatedly lifting objects for an extended period of time may cause tissue or joint damage throughout the years, which can have an impact on the quality of life of a worker, and maybe an ability to continue his or her work.

When it comes to accidents pertaining to machinery, a number of shipping facilities transport products through conveyor belt intricate systems, which can make it possible for workers to sustain injuries when getting digits or limbs, while operating machinery, caught between the pinch points.

Shipping & freight worker injuries can fluctuate in severity from mere contusions to fractured bones or permanent disfigurement.

Many truck drivers may sustain injuries if they become involved in an accident, or with another employee, if they happen to be riding along.

Since a number of truck drivers travel in and out of state, confusion may be the result of a worker’s compensation claim, and which state to file it in.

Falling objects on a worker may result in injuries to the brain, neck, and face.

Traumatic brain injuries are catastrophic due to the fact they can go undiagnosed because of a lack of symptoms definitive within the time duration subsequent to injury.

Within the brain, tears can result from sudden trauma, which can become filled with fluid, and result in neurological damage that is extensive, and felt in subsequent weeks or months.

Additional benefits can become available if your sustained injury caused a permanent disability.

Should your employer attempt to deprive you of your legal rights or withhold your benefits, you may seek financial damages in addition to what is already entitled to you.

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