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Farm Accidents

Many would find it hard to believe that agrarian jobs are among the most hazardous jobs in the workplace.

With a vast assortment of chemicals, large machinery, and animals, there are numerous ways a worker can hurt him or herself.

Many injuries and even deaths, regardless of the size of the farm, occur on farms across the United States every year.

Regarding farm accidents, when it comes to the prosecution and investigation of sustained injuries, personal injury attorneys become committed to your legal case.

An attorney will take the necessary steps to determine parties held liable, and gather the evidence in legal court matters pursued.

A Perspective on Farm Worker Safety

The agrarian industry is comprised of any and everything from major industrial operations to family-owned, smaller farms.

It is among the few businesses which usually have families who work and live on the farm of different ages, not only adult employees.

According to disease control studies, farming is a business that is at high risk with a number of vast capacities for catastrophic and fatal injuries.

Nearly a decade ago, there were nearly 2 million workers full-time, and more than 5 million combined employees in the agrarian industry.

During that time, nearly 500 farm workers, due to work related farm accidents, lost their lives.

More than 240 farm workers sustain injuries every day, with approximately 5% of the injuries causing permanent impairment.

More than a million young people less than 20 years of age live on farms; over 5 out of 10 of them work on these farms.

There were approximately 230,000 adolescents who performed work on the farms who live off the farms, according to statistics.

Among those less than 20 years of age, approximately 113 young people lose their lives each year in farm work-related accidents on farms.

Statistics from the census reveal that workers older than 55 years old were victims of more than half of agrarian worker deaths within twelve-year period.

Tractor overturns lead in causes of death, which annually, accounts for 90 deaths on farms.

These are preventable injuries with the use of Roll-Over Protective Structures. However, nearly a decade ago, less than 60% of the tractors were equipped with the devices.

The rate for injuries among farm workers, according to OSHA, was per 100 injuries, nearly 5, versus nearly 4 per 100 for other types of employees.

Depending on the kind of farm, there is a vast assortment of accidents which can occur on a daily basis in agrarian work. Tractor accidents, essentially, may be the leading cause of deaths, but there are various kinds of equipment hazards and other dangers for agrarian workers to contend with, such as: malfunctions in equipment; falls; injuries to animals; chemical exposures; defects in equipment; and combine, with grain bins and various equipment farm accidents.

In major farm injury legal cases, attorneys normally investigate the role of the following: product manufacturers, landowners, maintenance companies, management companies, and other farm workers...with the intention to protect the legal rights of their clients.

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