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Grain Auger Accidents

In the United States, farming accidents entail those which pertain to grain auger incidents. The occurrences have consequences, which can be tragic and devastating.

Equipment that is essential in agriculture are grain augers.

The long tube is responsible for a myriad of duties on a ranch or farm, which entail: the transport and raising of grain from the surface to the top level of grain bin that’s tall; grain loaded onto trucks; from a transport wagon transfers feed to a ranch cattle feeder; and a screw shank within the long tube is operated by pulleys and gears from the top.

The shank turning can move upwards the grain along the tube until it can dump and spill it into a bin, trailer, or trough.

The machinery, unfortunately, is vastly hazardous when its safety features and guards are not suitably utilized.

The spinning of the auger at high speeds can the scalp and extremities of the operator in harm’s way, namely when the shields and intake screens, while the machine parts are turning, are not set in place.

A grain bin auger, for every hour of use, remains to be on a ranch or a farm the most harmful piece of equipment.

Associated with grain auger accidents, common injuries are the following:

The shaft of the auger can result in entanglement when the farm worker or operator comes in contact with the screw exposed.

Loss of arms, hands, or scalp can often be the result, namely when the operator has long hair or wears a hat. 
 The blade on the auger is very sharp in a corkscrew style to cause lacerations, broken bones, and fractures.

During rotation to draw the grain up, it can disperse material out, or cause the operator to be pulled toward the machine resulting in catastrophic cuts, broken bones and lacerations.

The height of the grain auger can make it extremely susceptible with exposed electrical wires to come into contact.

In transferring the electricity to the farmhands and auger operator, the metal components can result in electrocution.

Without the implementation of efficient safety protocols, farmhands can suffocate when the auger dumps contents into a wagon, bin, or trailer.

Personal Injury Tort Law

Grain augers can be vastly dangerous. Most grain auger accidents occur due to negligence or lack of proper training.

Situated are a number of laws to make certain that owners and employees work in an environment that is safe by adhering to specific regulations and rules designed to keep every individual out of danger.

Accidents, however, still occur. Farmhands, workers, and farmers, fortunately, harmed in accidents related to grain augers have the legal right in pursuing recovery of damages for their sustained auger injuries.

Personal injury tort law, however, pertaining to grain auger accidents can be complicated.

An esteemed personal injury lawyer can make an evaluation of a claim for financial compensation to deem if it relates to premises liability, negligence, product liability, or defective equipment. 

It is crucial to be aware that even when adhering to safety precautions, most grain augers are not designated without a level of risk to operate.

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