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Livestock Auto Accidents

Many tragic accidents which occur on the roadways and highways of America involve from neighboring farms free roaming life stock.

When dairy farmers and ranchers are negligent at securing their livestock, animals traveling on the roadways can be severely injured.

Animals, often times, escape from crossroads, freeways, and the farm resulting in collisions with critical injuries.

Any individual involved in a vehicle collision with livestock should seek medical care immediately, and employ legal representation for recovery of damages.

The most severe livestock vehicle accidents normally happen at night when the skies are darkened, which can make it virtually impossible to see any animal until the occurrence.

Most vehicle collisions, alternatively, involving horses typically happen during the day.

This can result in a legal situation that is challenging because in daylight, animals should be easier to notice; thus, the driver has the responsibility to prevent a collision with any object.

Livestock auto accidents, often times, involve these animals, and can result in ranchers and farmers neglecting to maintain their fencing structures properly along highways and roadways.

In a number of situations, any act of negligence can hold individuals liable legally for all compensatory damages when an individual sustains injuries or becomes dead after striking livestock on the road.

Other individuals, along with the farmer or ranch owner, may be held liable.

Farmhands and ranch hands can be included when referring to the responsibility of maintaining enclosures for livestock.

A collision with a horse or cow at high-speeds can result in severe sustained injuries, such as: head/brain trauma; organ damage; severed limbs; paralysis including quadriplegia and paraplegia; fractures and crushed bones; and death.

In addition to sustained injuries that are physical, many individuals sustain emotional damage as well, which can take years, if ever, to become rectified.

A Legal Case Due to a Vehicle Accident With Livestock

Legally, to hold a party liable, a victim who sustained injuries, or surviving members of loved ones killed in livestock auto accidents, must have proof that the responsible party acted negligently.

The farmer, rancher, or others responsible for securing an animal must have been aware that the animal was free roaming or escaped, and neglected to take action that was reasonable to restrain or capture promptly the livestock.

This, however, can prove to be complicated.

Many victims, as well as surviving family members, because of that, will employ a prominent personal injury attorney to handle legal matters.

Insurance companies that offer coverage for ranchers and farmers are usually hesitant regarding life stock to pay on claims due this type of a vehicle collision.

The insurance company and its attorneys will usually build typical defenses, which are vastly effective at minimizing any value of a legal claim, or altogether, denying it.

A typical defense entails a horse being spooked suddenly, and frightened enough to break down a fence that is legal, to prove that the keeper or owner was not negligent.

Fortunately, you can have an attorney with years of experience in personal injury claims, which include vehicle collisions involving livestock.

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