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Grain Bin Explosions

It can be very hazardous to work around or in a grain bin.

Hundreds of individuals, each year, sustain life-altering injuries, or end up dead in a grain bin explosion.

Many ranches and farms, because of that, have taken measures of precaution in an effort to diminish the hazardous conditions, which can result in grain bin explosions.

The Occurrences of Explosions Involving Grain Bins

A grain bin explosion normally begins by a source of ignition which could be sparked by farm equipment or a cigarette to ignite grain particles or dust.

The ignition is a result of a pressure wave to detonate inside the grain bin remaining floating particles.

Due to this major hazard, a number of farmers are required to adhere to proper warnings, specific protocols, and ventilation necessary to minimize the likelihood of detonation.

Individuals, unfortunately, still endure severe injuries due to massive grain bin explosions.

Several of these injuries entail the following: serious burns; hearing loss; severe lacerations; damage to organs; fractured and broken bones; concussions and traumatic brain injury; when hit by metal objects flying, shrapnel injury; and death.

Workers who sustained minor or catastrophic injuries have the legal right to recover damages from any at-fault party due to the accident.

Practically every kind of grain bin explosion is a tragedy with devastating results.

Many grain bin explosions, sadly, are preventable if the owner adhered to specific procedures of safety.

When others cause neglectful action that results in a grain bin or elevator explosion, the victim has every right legally to file a claim or sue for compensation.

Determining liability, however, can be a challenge.

A personal injury attorney with skills, expertise, and experience often look for indications of negligence, such as: whether or not the grain bin was properly ventilated; whether the workers and owner adhered to proper loading procedures; whether the warning signs were adequate; whether the implemented and established safety procedures were available to minimize the likelihood of an explosion; whether or not the workers were trained properly on how to prevent an explosion in a grain bin; whether there was a defect in manufacturing or design of the grain bin; and whether or not federal standards were violated on the use and management of grain bins.

Victims injured and surviving loved ones of the deceased from an explosion involving a grain elevator or bin can recover damages to ensure they receive full compensation.

These include the following: exemplary damages, previous, present, and subsequent medical bills, loss of benefits, economic damages, rehabilitation, loss of earning capacity, medical costs associated with burial, funeral, and healing costs, vocational retraining, and matters related to non-economic damages, such as suffering and pain.

An attorney with knowledge and skills can guide, through every legal process, the victim, and diminish the likelihood of disruption during the healing process.

The attorney, in addition, can make certain that all paperwork necessary is completed in a prompt manner prior to the expiration of the statute of limitations of the state regarding the legal case.

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