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Permanent Disability Work Comps

Employers have the responsibility to provide a work environment that is safe for all employees, in the prevention of accidents and sustained injuries in the workplace.

If an injury is to occur, most employees are protected by what is referred to as the Worker’s Compensation Act; this is to ensure that medical treatment is received if necessary, and that they receive compensation for whatever time they are not able to fulfill their work assignment.

In critical cases, injuries sustained at work may result in permanent disability, which can prevent an employee from going back to work; this can entitle him or her to benefits for permanent disability.

If you or a family member sustained critical injuries, and consider whether or not you are entitled to permanent disability work comps, immediately contact a workplace injury attorney for a case review.

Work injury attorneys have obtained successfully permanent disability benefits for employees with variant kinds of injuries.

Permanent Disability for Worker’s Compensation Legal Cases

Many employees who sustain injuries in the workplace may initially apply only for Temporary Total Disability with hopes that they will have the ability to return to the job eventually.

In several cases, however, the injury may be considered too catastrophic, and it may be determined that the workers may not be able to return to the job.

With permanent disability work comps, an employee may be considered to have what is referred to as permanent total disability, if he or she has:

The complete and permanent loss of use of both feet, both hands, both legs, both arms, both eyes, or any combination of two these parts, for example one arm and one foot; or a disability that is complete, which renders the worker is unable to fulfill any type of work permanently, for which there is a market for reasonable stable employment.

Once an employee is determined to have permanent total disability, he or she may be able to qualify for lifetime benefits; generally, this is 2/3 of an average weekly wage, pertaining to state maximums and minimums.

Individuals who sustained injuries in the workplace, and are disabled permanently from an injury can receive permanent total disability payments monthly through Worker’s Compensation, and can likely qualify, as well, for Social Security benefits.

In several cases, with permanent disability work comps, a settlement of a lump-sum may be provided for a sustained injury. While this may be enticing, this settlement can have pros and cons for the employee.

Any case related to an injury sustained in the workplace, which involves a permanent disability, can be difficult and complex for an employee to negotiate on his or her own.

When you have sustained injuries in a workplace accident, and pursue compensation via workers compensation benefits, you are actually not confronting your employer.

In actuality, you are requesting an extension of payment and benefits from the insurance company of your employer.

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