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Cherry Picker & Bucket Truck Accidents

Risks are always involved when working at levels that are elevated. Any individual working on a cherry picker or bucket truck can be at-risk to fall. However, there are many other dangers involved as well.

In cherry picker & bucket truck accidents, these devices are usually attached to vehicles; they are mobile and possess the risk of being hit or moved by other vehicles in motion, and are usually in various locations.

Some typical causes of injuries and deaths are the following:

Half of falls are because of ejection from the lift from cherry pickers and bucket trucks, and other boom-supported lifts. This can be due to an impact from striking or being struck by other objects or vehicles, falling objects, or sudden jerking motions.

Sustained injuries and key fatalities working on lifts that are aerial are caused by contact with power lines. This can be a result of workers who maintain the construction or power lines that strike the power lines inadvertently.

If unsuitable weights are in the lifts, the vehicle is not stable, or the truck is moved while using a lift, tip-over accidents can occur. These accidents can cause internal crushing, fractures, and injuries from falls.

According to statistics, a decade ago, there were nearly 40 deaths blamed directly on elevating devices, like cherry pickers and aerial lifts, which were not mounted on a truck.

Nearly 70 deaths were attributed directly to lifts mounted on a truck.

Another 34 deaths were listed in relation to these kinds of equipment in work-related deaths as secondary cause.

There are also deaths, in addition, from electrocution in the use of an elevating device. However, these are normally not included in the statistics.

Preventing injuries on an Aerial Lift

Similar risks are involved in aerial lifts, such as cranes and various elevated work equipment; however, being mobile is an additional element.

It becomes even more crucial to use every safety precaution, as there are external influences these workers may contend with on occasion.

Regarding cherry picker & bucket truck accidents, precautions which should be used are the following:

On the lifts, all equipment should be inspected prior to use to ensure it is operating properly to prevent mechanical failure and jerking.

Cherry pickers and bucket trucks need to be parked on a surface that is stable, a level, and have set the emergency break; in the lift, never move a truck with a person.

Be mindful of elements of the wind, which can result in lift conditions that are dangerous.

All weight requirements should be followed, and for uneven loads, no lifting.

Safe loads should be within weight parameters stipulated by the product manufacturer.

The use of hard hats, harnesses, and other equipment of safety should be maintained at all times.

Aerial lifts are necessary to fulfill a number of jobs, and quicker and safer than using lifting devices and ladders.

There are a number of risks, however, from the job, and external factors to result in cherry picker & bucket truck accidents.

Any industry utilizing these devices need to ensure the employees are well-protected by taking the appropriate safety precautions.

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