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Inadequate Forklift Maintenance

Neglect to maintain expensive and powerful machinery is not acceptable for an accident. However, a number of employers attempt to cut corners at the expense of the safety of workers.

Forklift accident attorneys defend the rights of workers who have sustained injuries in workplace accidents. The attorneys will commit to pursue full compensation entitled to you due to employer negligence.

It is unacceptable whenever an individual is severely injured in a circumstance, which could have been prevented, namely if the employer had fulfilled an obligation to offer a safe work environment.

Likely Maintenance Concerns

Forklift injury attorneys know of the number of ways employers cut corners merely to limit their expenses.

At the expense of a work environment that is safe, maintaining heavy machinery should not be among these; OSHA requires all employees to address inadequate forklift maintenance, which may increase any risk of an accident in the workplace.

You can identify concerns of safety, and report them to a supervisor by administering a daily inspection of the forklift.

It is required for your employer to make the necessary repairs; if your employer neglects to do so, for any accident that is the result, your company will be held liable.

The following is a list you should check deli prior to getting behind the wheel of any forklift:

You may be able to support a load, but that depends on the tires. If they are inflated unevenly, it will have an effect on any ability to make turns, or alter the center of gravity.

With any of your tires, if you discover there is a problem, you should not operate the forklift until your tires have been replaced or repaired.

Even a minor leak can cause eventual failure of the hydraulic system, which can result in a bearing down of a load on you when you expect it least.

When you make an inspection daily, look for any leaks visible, and immediately report, even if the problem doesn’t seem major.

You want to make sure that the forks are free of damage, and that they are straight. The condition is important.

The whole weight of each load is supported by the forks, and if they are damaged or bent, this can result in the load to fall when it is being lowered or raised.

As for safety devices, it is crucial that you have the necessary access to all of your devices, which is to keep safe you and your coworkers.

Ensure that your turn signals, back up lights, and horn are in top working order prior to your work.

At times, equipment failure is a result of inadequate forklift maintenance, or poor design.

Instrumental in discovering problems, before you put yourself in a situation to sustain injuries, daily inspections are imperative.

You may be in a situation where a manufacturing defect is the cause of an accident. Thus, the equipment manufacturer may be held liable for sustained injuries, not to mention your employer if inadequate forklift maintenance was the reason.

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