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Food Industry Worker Injuries

The food industry can be quite harmful, as workers become exposed to powerful machines, and the likelihood of hazardous materials.

Whether your employment is in a kitchen of a restaurant, a food production plant, or as a caterer or delivery driver, there is a potential injury that you may face daily merely for doing a job.

If you have sustained food industry worker injuries, it is crucial to understand your rights.

Types of Food Industry-Related Injuries

There are a number of types of jobs within the food industry available, from positions in factories, to food preparers, to janitorial positions, to wait staff, to jobs in delivery.

These positions can present some specific risks to employees, and some of the typical food industry worker injuries sustained, such as:

Cooks and food preparers usually work long hours in the kitchen; they become exposed to sharp knives, ovens, and stoves used to plate and prepare food. Equipment used can present a risk to workers, and result in critical injury in the circumstance of an accident.

Food processing facility workers usually operate powerful and large machines. Whenever an employee does operate manufacturing equipment, there is a likelihood for injuries sustained, if he or she places a foot or hand between moving parts where it can be caught.

In the food industry, many workers perform similar tasks repeatedly, which may result in sustained injuries over an extended period because of strain and repetitive movements.

Delivery drivers may become involved in vehicle collisions or receive injuries encountering customers.

Muggers and thieves usually target delivery drivers hoping to catch them with a vast amount of cash.

Restaurants are often required to have insurance on all drivers behind the wheel; they have appropriate workers’ compensation insurance for covering any kind of sustained injury.

It is crucial to have an understanding of your entitlement to compensation any time you sustained injuries while working on the job, even if you are at-fault entirely for the accident.

Laws for workers’ compensation require every employer to have insurance to cover the cost of medical expenses of employees, and a significant portion of wages within the recovery duration.

The following is what you may be entitled to automatically if you sustained food industry work injuries:

You have a right to seek healthcare attention from a physician of your choice. Although your employer may opt for a preferred provider, you may decide to select your own specialist or physician, and the employer is still required to cover full cost of healthcare.

You have entitlement to receive 2/3 of your salary average within the duration you are not able to go to work. Your employer has the ability to find work for you to fulfill while making necessary accommodations for your sustained injuries, and you may decide to return to work.

You or a loved one may have sustained injuries in the workplace and need a legal counsel with skills, expertise, knowledge, and decades of experience to assist you in recovering financial compensation.

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