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Chemical Exposure Injuries

Used in a number of various occupations, chemicals of all kinds, such as cleaning agents and acids, are used routinely in a myriad of industrial workplaces.

Several of these chemicals have a high-risk of sustained injury or fatality for the employees in these workplaces.

Thus, it is vital that employers provide an environment that is safe for these employees, and protect them from chemical exposure injuries.

If you or a family member sustained injuries at work due to chemical exposure, contact a work injury attorney immediately for a review of your case to receive counseling for your legal options.

Various Injuries Related to Chemical Exposure

For an estimated 94%, simple exposure cause occupational chemical injuries.

Simple exposure can refer to direct contact such as ingestion or inhalation of a chemical, or skin exposure.

The other 6% of chemical exposure injuries can attribute to exposures that are incidental from contact with equipment or explosions.

According to recent statistics which examined the chemical injury statistics from OSHA data and labor statistics in a 15-year period, nearly 80% of these injuries involved parts of the body, such as the following:

Over the 15-year period, according to the study, 30% of the occupational injuries were to the eyes.

Associated with chemicals, three kinds of eye injuries exist.

Alkali burns are the most severe; these burns can result in catastrophic injury not only to the internal, but the external eye areas. Although acid burns can be quite serious, they generally, however, only have an effect on the external portions of the eye.

The third type of injury are irritants, but normally only result in discomfort, as opposed to permanent damage.

Chemicals, which are ingested or inhaled, can be hazardous to practically every body function.

Depending on the contents of a chemical, and how they can expose to the body, there can be extensive, catastrophic effects on the renal, respiratory, nervous, immune, and cardiovascular body systems.

Asbestos is the chemical that is presently known to result in mesothelioma, and other hazardous diseases, which can often be fatal.

Arms, torso, and hands are all considered high-risk for the chemical injuries. Usually the burns from the chemicals are sustained by the worker.

Since virtually every body part can be affected by chemicals, a number of injuries which occur have extensive implications for the employees.

Permanent disability can be the effect; some of these effects, like an organ dysfunction or a type of cancer, can take many years to surface.

Proving that there was an occurrence in work-related chemical exposure injuries, it is crucial to prove initially that the defendant was at-fault.

State law requires that workplace injury plaintiffs present expert testimony to seek damages for the chemical-related injuries in support of claims.

An expert can establish in a particular situation, to assist you, the negligent actions of the party held liable, and explain how you or a loved one sustained injuries in the workplace.

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