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Meat Processing Worker Injuries

For workers in the meat processing and packaging industry, they are among the select few who can understand how food is made and processed prior to reaching our tables, forks and knives.

These individuals can also understand the hazards for workers responsible for producing what we consume on a regular basis, and how the slightest error can have catastrophic consequences.

Workplace injury attorneys represent the interests of those who sustained meat processing worker injuries while fulfilling their work.

Risks in Meat Packing and Food Processing

As a whole, the food industry is likely to operate on a margin that is very small. This can result in employers demanding a lot from their employees.

Workers operate in an environment that is fast paced; thus, it can lead to and innumerable amount of accidents. Many are in a hurry to fulfill quotas, and are more likely to make mistakes.

Following are among the most typical ways meat processing worker injuries ensue:

In this industry, employees usually perform the same motions repeatedly, whether it is operating the same machine or lifting a product throughout a full shift.

This can result in sustained injuries to the joints or muscles in the duration of time that may ultimately require surgery or therapy.

Parasites, bacteria, and pesticides normally live in raw meat, and can present a hazard to workers in meat packaging and processing. There is a likelihood for them to become catastrophically ill, which can require them to take time away from work to recover.

Machines operated by employees are designated to cut meat efficiently and quickly, which can become quite hazardous.

The same devices which are sharp and enable workers to process meat on the hour, that can weigh thousands of pounds, can take off a hand or a finger easily.

This can happen especially when the employee attempts to clear out obstruction from a machine, and in a pinch point, gets a hand caught.

Similar to getting a limb caught in a machine before amputation, the same can occur with crushed bones or disfigurement.

Unfortunately, many workers who sustain these injuries may risk never to lead normal lives again. It may be necessary for them to undergo multiple surgeries to regain their composure and lives.

These machines can become quite hot when they are designated to process and cut large quantities of food; contact with heated and exposed metal can cause severe scars, burns, and disfigurement.

A meat processing plant can become extremely cramped. A number of employees can operate in a space that is confined, but objects on the ground, or the presence of moisture can cause a worker to slip or trip easily.

When victims sustain meat processing worker injuries, they need to have an understanding of rights to protect them from deceptive tactics used by the insurance companies of the employers, and the employers themselves, who aim to deprive you of your legal rights, and the entitled full amount of benefits.

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