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In the state of New Hampshire, robbery is easily misinterpreted. Robbery contains two parts: Theft and physical force or threatening of physical force. In simplest forms, if you use physical force or threaten to use physical force to commit or while committing theft, you can be charged with robbery.

Theft can be described as the unauthorized control or taking of property that does not belong to you, causing deprivation to the person who has ownership. Any type of acknowledged physical force to achieve the taking of someone else’s property can be charged as robbery. Even more so, the threatening to use physical force while committing theft can be charged the same. Physical force can be as simple as nudging someone to knocking them down.

You must keep in mind that minimal physical force is necessary to be charged with robbery and threatening to use said force can still carry the same consequences. If charged, you may be facing a Class B Felony which includes prison time, excessively large fines, and the possibility of probation. These types of charges are life changing; seek the assistance of educated knowledgeable attorney to take the necessary steps to protect your rights. For more information, contact Michael Anzalone at the Anzalone Law Firm today.

New Hampshire Robbery Defined

Robbery can be specifically defined in New Hampshire’s criminal code under the following statute:

636:1 Robbery.

  1. A person commits the offense of robbery if, in the course of committing a theft, he:
    1. Uses physical force on the person of another and such person is aware of such force; or
    2. Threatens another with or purposely puts him in fear of immediate use of physical force.
  2. An act shall be deemed "in the course of committing a theft'' if it occurs in an attempt to commit theft, in an effort to retain the stolen property immediately after its taking, or in immediate flight after the attempt or commission.
Robbery - "In the Course of Committing a Theft"

As explained, robbery is the threat or actual physical harm to another while committing theft. Even more so, robbery can also be charged when you attempt to receive something that has been taken directly after the taking. In other words, receiving a stolen item can also be defined as robbery. You may also be charged with robbery if you attempt to, or actually, flee the area where the attempted robbery was or did occur. Fleeing the area may indicate suspicious activity, even if the theft did not occur. If you are being charged with robbery, in any way, it is important to understand your charge and find the right law team to educate and guide you on the right path to take to defend your rights.


As robbery is a serious offense, there are even more serious consequences that follow your actions. With the act of robbery, you may be charged with a Class B Felony. In this case, you may be sentenced to seven years in New Hampshire State Prison, fined up to $4,000, and be placed on probation. Because robbery includes physical force or threat of physical force and theft, prosecution may push for harsher sentencing, depending on the injuries incurred and the property lost by the victim. You must keep in mind even without actual physical force the threat of using physical force will still be charged the same. Causing fear in the victim while committing a theft can be charged the same as causing actual harm to the victim while committing a theft.

Finding the Right Attorney

Robbery is a serious charge and should not be something you deal with alone. Because there is likely chance for prison time as well as large fines, you should seek the help of an attorney. With the help from the right attorney, there is the possibility of lessening a charge and its consequences. A defense attorney can help you understand the charges you are facing. In addition he or she may be able to lessen the charges against you or negotiate for less severe consequences. If you have been charged with robbery in Manchester, NH, Attorney Michael Anzalone and his criminal defense legal team can protect your legal rights, build the best defense possible and work towards the best possible outcome of your particular case. Fill out an online contact form today to schedule a consultation.

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