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Burglary Tools

If you’ve been caught by police and you had certain tools in your possession, you may be facing some serious charges.

New Hampshire considers many tools to be “burglary tools,” especially if you were arrested while committing a crime and have these items in your possession.

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What are Burglary Tools?

In New Hampshire, state statutes define burglary tools as any item that someone uses with the intent of committing a burglary or theft. Examples of burglary tools include, but aren’t limited to crowbars and other kinds of devices that can be used to pry something open, lock picks or a set of master keys, hammers, ceramic spark plugs, tools that can cut through concrete or steel, bolt cutters or even explosives. In some cases a pair of gloves can even be considered burglary tools.

Local news outlets often publish lists of people who’ve been arrested on various charges. On June 8, 2017, for example, a 46-year-old Nashua, New Hampshire man was arrested on the charges of possession of burglary tools and loitering and prowling.

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Burglary is defined as the unlawful entry of a dwelling with the intent to commit a crime. It can be an office building or a home. If you are in possession of burglary tools, a misdemeanor charge can be tagged on.

For the most part, as in the case above, a burglary tools charge is added to another charge. In that case it was loitering. Police likely stopped the man because of suspicious activity and they found him to be in possession of some kind of burglary tool.

Degrees of penalties will vary depending on the circumstances. If someone was injured or killed during the commission of a crime, obviously you’ll be facing harsher charges.

But let’s say a police officer stopped you for something as simple as trespassing. If you were found to have what are considered to be burglary tools in your possession when you are stopped by the officer, the charge could be added on. And if you get before a judge, and you are an habitual offender, this could be a deciding factor in how much time you get in jail.

This is why it’s essential to have an attorney who knows criminal defense law in your corner. Defense lawyer Michael Anzalone will fight for your rights.

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