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Racketeering Offenses

Racketeering is a federal offense, which essentially means that you are suspected of being involved in organized crime. RICO is an umbrella for a broad range of crime including - but not limited to - illegal gambling, bribery, mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering.

If you’ve been arrested on RICO - Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations - charges you will need a criminal defense lawyer who is experienced in fighting these federal offenses. Michael Anzalone in Nashua, New Hampshire, should be your first choice to defend you against these charges.

Federal prosecutors take RICO crimes seriously and if you’ve been charged, you’ll need to be ready for a fight. At The Anzalone Law Firm, we will work with you to help you get the best possible outcome.

What Is Racketeering?

Simply put, racketeering is dishonest or fraudulent business dealings.

Prosecutors and federal investigators build cases by making sure RICO charges apply to you. They have to make sure there is an enterprise, or business and that the activities affected commerce in some way. You would have to be employed by or somehow associated with the business in question and prosecutors will need to know that you actively participated and - this is the key - knowing engaged in the alleged racketeering on behalf of the business.

So, that’s what prosecutors will be looking for as they investigate you. And they must prove all five of those elements in order to get a racketeering conviction against you.

When your case is in federal court it is quite different that a state court case. Large governmental agencies are involved in prosecuting these federal racketeering cases. This means the attorney you choose to represent you must know how to build a defense for a federal trial. These agencies have the resources to build strong cases and that’s why you will need an attorney who is well-versed in these kinds of racketeering cases.

You will need to understand that the sentencing guidelines in RICO cases can be quite strict and usually involve hefty fines and lengthy prison sentences, along with restitution. There is also the possibility of separate civil RICO charges being brought against you.

If you have been accused of racketeering, your professional reputation will take a huge hit. This can affect your lifestyle, your family and even your potential future employment. And that’s just being accused. A conviction will wreck your life.

The best advice your criminal defense attorney can offer is to NEVER get involved with racketeering or any other kind of illegal activity. But if you’ve been arrests, the best thing you can do is pick up the phone and call Michael Anzalone.

The legal team at our firm will listen to your side of the case and dig in, building a defense. Whether it’s a plea deal with federal prosecutors or a decision to go through with a trial in federal court, we will be by your side all the way.

Our goal is to help you get your life back on track.

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Great lawyer...Professional, organized, caring and effective. Michael is very informative and was always willing to explain the reasons behind what was being done. Can't say enough about how helpful he was every step of the way. It was really nice to feel like I actually understood what was going on with my case. Catherine Veilleux