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Computer Crimes

Anyone who uses a computer to engage in any kind of sexual activity with a child is breaking the law.

And in New Hampshire, officials _ from local law enforcement officials to prosecutors and judges _ don’t take kindly to anyone using technology to interact with children or minors.

This is typically classified as a computer crime. If you’ve been arrested on a computer crimes charge dealing with a child you need to contact a lawyer.

In Nashua, New Hampshire, criminal defense lawyer Michael Anzalone is your best bet. He is well-versed in defending people accused of crimes against children.

He will advise you against speaking with investigators or law enforcement authorities until you speak with your attorney about the case. It’s vital to have legal representation beside you when or if you do speak with investigators because they can use anything you say in the case they are building against you.

This is why you’ll want to hire the services of The Anzalone Law Firm. Our goal is to always get the best possible outcome for our clients. And you are no different. It doesn’t matter what you are accused of doing. Michael Anzalone will listen to you and prepare a defense case.

But, in some cases depending on the circumstances, he will recommend that you plead guilty to the charges against you, or to lesser charges, in exchange for a plea deal. He would recommend this if this were this best possible option for you. For example, if he felt there is enough condemning evidence to convict you on harsher charges if the case goes before a judge and jury.

A plea deal often gives you a suspended sentence or a lesser term in prison, followed by probation and/or fines and fees.

What are Examples of Computer Crimes?

There are a number of instances that could result in someone being charged with computer crimes in New Hampshire. This includes “communicating” in a sexual way in a chat room with someone who is under age. Once the age of the person comes up, you could be in trouble if you press on with the conversation. The danger is that the person you believe you are chatting with is actually a sex crimes detective.

In New Hampshire, officials are harsh of those charged with computer crimes.

Under the Certain Uses of Computer Services Prohibited statute, the state says that no one can knowingly use a computer internet service to “seduce, lure, or entice a child (a person under 16) or another person believed by the person to be a child to commit a sexual offense, indecent exposure or endangering the welfare of a child.”

If you are talking to someone under 13 it is a Class A felony, punishable by up to 10 to 20 years in prison. For other charges, it’s a Class B felony. In both cases, the guilty person is required to register as a sex offender.

You need to contact a lawyer as soon as you are charged. These are life altering allegations.

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