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Lewd Conduct

An arrest on lewd conduct charges is embarrassing and it can get you in a lot of legal trouble, especially if the lewd conduct happened in front of minors.

This is a charge that makes prosecutors take a hard line. So, if you’ve been arrested and charged with lewd behavior, you should immediately contact criminal defense lawyer Michael Anzalone.

Being charged with lewd behavior can include indecent exposure, exposure of your genitals in public, or performing any kind of lewd acts in front of people. In short, being accused of lewd behavior encompasses any action that is sexual in nature.

If you’ve been arrested for on lewd conduct charges, your first move should be to call Michael Anzalone at The Anzalone Law Firm in Nashua, New Hampshire.

You need a criminal defense attorney who is well-versed in the state’s laws and the judicial system.

It is vital for you to speak with a lawyer before you talk to law enforcement officers or detectives about your case. That’s because anything you say can harm your case. You can rest assure that when you hire Michael Anazalone, your best interests will always be a top priority.

Whether your case goes before a judge or your attorney thinks it is best to make some kind of plea arrangement beforehand, it is our goal to help you get back on your feet as soon as possible.

An arrest can wreck your life. After an arrest _ even before a conviction _ your reputation could be tarnished, you could lose your job and your family might be very embarrassed.

You need the assistance of The Anzalone Law Firm to get you out of what could be a messy legal web.

Remember, we are here for you 24/7. Please call us today for a free consultation.

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Great lawyer...Professional, organized, caring and effective. Michael is very informative and was always willing to explain the reasons behind what was being done. Can't say enough about how helpful he was every step of the way. It was really nice to feel like I actually understood what was going on with my case. Catherine Veilleux