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Allowing a Child to Engage in Sexually Abusive Activity

There may be nothing worse that child sexual abuse. And if you are accused of allowing a child to become involved in a sexually abusive situation, you will be facing more trouble than you can even imagine.

This is something almost everyone considers taboo. Even hardened criminals. Prisoners often attack other inmates who have been accused of sexual abuse against children.

So, if you are facing a charge of allowing a child to engage in sexually abusive activity, you will need criminal defense attorney Michael Anzalone to help you.

This is a crime that could land you in prison for a long time. And the consequences can be even greater than a lengthy prison sentence. Upon release from prison, you will likely be required by the state of New Hampshire to register as a sex offender. This means that you will be monitored for a long, long time and be restricted from living in some places, such as near schools or parks where children may be hanging out.

In order to make sure you get the best possible outcome in your case, you will want criminal defense lawyer Michael Anzalone and his associates at The Anzalone Law Firm in Nashua, New Hampshire on your team.

They will treat you with respect and make your case a top priority. We don’t pre-judge our clients. We are there to help you through a most difficult time in your life with the intention of helping you get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

What is this Charge?

Any charge that mixes sexual abuse with children can bring dire consequences. The state’s criminal code found at RSI 649-A describes the charges and the penalties that the legislature has agreed upon.

Someone can be charged with this if they allow a child whether it is their child or someone else’s child become involved in a sexually abusive situation.

This is something that almost every segment of the community not only frowns upon but finds incredibly offensive and against the law.

If you are convicted on a charge of allowing a child to engage in a sexually abusive activity, you may face felony charges and depending on the circumstances of your case you could be sent to prison for quite some time. A judge may also order you into an extensive sexual abuse rehabilitation program, which would be paid for by you. It can be expensive and take a long time to complete.

As mentioned earlier, you will likely be required to register with the state of New Hampshire as a sex offender. So, this is a life-altering charge in many ways. Your reputation will take a tremendous hit.

Your family may also desert you.

And, once you are released from prison, you may have a difficult time finding a job. It is not easy to have the tag sex offender attached to you.

The best advice is to never become involved in child sexual activity.

But if you have been arrested it’s too late.

You’ll need to contact the Law Office of Michael Anzalone to request a free consultation today.

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