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Boating Under the Influence of Drugs

While you’ve probably heard of someone being pulled over for suspicion of driving while under the influence of drugs, you may not be as familiar with boating under the influence.

Yes, you can be arrested for driving a boat while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. And, if you have been arrested, you need to contact Criminal Defense lawyer Michael Anzalone as quickly as possible. He can help you out of a legal bind.

This is a serious offense and you could face jail time if you have been arrested previously.

What is BUI?

This is a charge that is very similar to driving while under the influence. It applies to anyone who is caught by marine patrol officers for suspected drug or alcohol abuse on the water.

Driving a boat is a privilege in New Hampshire. This applies to any kind of water craft, from canoes to jet skis and including all motorboats. It is essentially any kind of craft that is used as a means of transportation on the water.

The state outlines the laws of boating while under the influence in the Criminal Code, under RSA 265-A:1.

If you are convicted of being under the influence of drugs while on the water, you could lose the right to operate a boat for a year. If you are caught attempting to operate a boat during this time, you will be found guilty of a misdemeanor.

It is imperative for you to have legal representation after an arrest. Your attorney will want to find out every detail about your arrest to determine whether law enforcement officers followed all procedures to the letter of the law. He will recommend that you never talk to any police officer or investigator without your attorney present. The reason is because investigators will use anything you say against you if your case makes it to court.

One thing that will come up during the investigation is whether you agreed to have a blood alcohol test after your arrest. If you didn’t you could also lose your boating privileges for a period of time.

Boating is a privilege and it’s fun to be on the water during your off time. So if you want to continue to be able to freely operate a boat on New Hampshire’s many beautiful waterways, you will want to follow all state rules and regulations.

When you hire criminal defense lawyer Michael Anzalone, you can rest assured that he will be working on your behalf for the best possible outcome in your case. In some cases, there may not be enough evidence and your attorney may believe it would be in your best interest to go before a jury to prove your innocence. In other cases, it may be best to agree to plea to a lesser offense in a plea deal with prosecutors.

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