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Assault on a Police Officer

There is no specific charge of assault on a police officer in New Hampshire. However, the complaint filed against you may still state that the alleged victim of your assault charge was a police officer, or other public official. You may be wondering why. This is the prosecution’s way of alerting the judge to the fact that your assault crime was against a police officer. This will usually result in a judge handing down a stiffer sentence, and that’s what the state wants.

All assault charges are serious, but the mention of police officer makes it that much more important to get an experienced and dedicated defense lawyer. The prosecution and the judge will typically take an assault charge much more seriously, if the alleged victim is a cop.

At the Anzalone Law Firm, our New Hampshire assault defense lawyers will treat your case as seriously as the prosecution. With a call to our office at 603.548.3797, you can learn more about our history of success and your legal rights as a defendant.

The Complex Circumstances of Assault on a Police Officer

This serious crime will oftentimes arise from an otherwise minor incident. Commonly, this charge is added to resisting arrest, and can be as simple as knocking into the officer while pulling away. It’s very easy to get yourself into this predicament, but it takes an experienced defense attorney to get you out. You might feel like the officer had no right to detain you in the first place, but like it or not you are still facing an assault charge. To make matters worse, the alleged victim is a public servant.

The bottom line is this. Never fight back with a police officer. But if you did, call our law firm the get the best possible legal advice.

Many judges have a particular distain for these types of assault charges and may have a minimum sentence they intend to impose for these cases. It’s very important with any assault charge that you do not speak to anyone about your case before you consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

You might be surprised to hear that kicking a police dog is a felony in New Hampshire. This makes many officers unhappy. If a police canine chases you, do not attempt to kick the dog away. You could wind up facing serious charges.

If you are being detained by a police officer, do not resist. Most assault cases involving a police officer stem from the defendant resting arrest and causing unprivileged contact with the officer. It’s a common way for an otherwise minor incident to escalate to a serious crime very quickly.

Legal Representation You Can Trust

Call the Anzalone Law Firm today. Any assault charge is serious and you need a qualified and experienced defense attorney to preserve your rights and wellbeing today and for years to come. If you have been charged with an assault crime and the alleged victim is a police officer or other public servant, call Attorney Michael Anzalone.

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