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Drill Press Accidents

Drill press injury attorneys can assist workers who sustained injuries with claims for worker’s compensation; they can investigate other avenues through which an individual can secure additional damages when benefits are simply not enough to cover the extensive impact of sustained injuries due to drill press accidents.

Among the ways individuals can seek damages that go beyond a claim for worker’s compensation is to make an evaluation of whether equipment used at that juncture contributed to the injuries of an employee via design flaw or defect.

The manufacturer, if so, can be held liable. He or she may be required to offer the victim financial compensation necessary for him or her to move on in life.

Hazards of the Drill Press

Mainly for the purpose of working with wood, a drill press is designed for holes to be drilled in objects.

While there is a likelihood for holes to be drilled with the use of handheld devices, a drill press is designed for speed and accuracy, which are crucial for mass production in the process.

These tools can be equipped as well with extensions; these tools will enable employees to utilize them for grinding and sanding purposes, which can provide added usefulness and versatility.

It is vital that these tools are equipped with efficient safety guards to protect workers, as well as shut-off switches.

You do not want to have an arm or a hand get caught in moving parts. Thus, clothing articles can get caught as well, which may place the hand or arm of a victim into the drill press, that can result in drill press accidents.

Among the defects of a drill press are poorly designed shut-off switches, and faulty safety guards.

It is crucial that employees are able to shut off quickly the machine in the circumstance of a sustained injury, and some presses have been discovered to have shut-off switches, which are not in proper working order, or are located in inaccessible areas.

To protect the hands of a worker, the failure of a safety guard can be another flaw in design, and can result easily in the loss of hands and fingers.

A neglect to offer workers with appropriate warnings regarding the risks and dangers associated with a product can be considered an act of negligence.

A number of manufacturers do not offer detailed information or adequate warnings, which can assist workers to prevent drill press accidents, or stop quickly the machine when an injury happens.

Work injury attorneys commit to assist workers who sustained injuries recover damages for their injuries.

When the claim of a worker’s compensation is not enough to cover your lost wages and medical bills, other avenues to receive compensation can be explored, so that you have the ability to continue fulfilling your obligations, and providing for your loved ones.

Attorneys discover that, all too often, defective equipment is connected to workplace injuries. The law enables an individual to seek damages from a manufacturer if this happens to be the case.

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