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Asbestos Exposure & Health Risks

A collection of minerals which naturally occur as bundles of fibers are referred to asbestos. These fibers are discovered in rocks and soil throughout the world.

They are constructed chiefly of oxygen and silicon; however, they can contain other elements as well. As for asbestos, there are two main types:

White asbestos is the most typical kind of asbestos regarding industrial applications.

When examined under a microscope, white asbestos fibers can wrap themselves around in a spiral, which is the reason this type of asbestos, referred to as curly or serpentine asbestos as well.

Fibers in amphibole asbestos are needle-like and straight. There are several kinds of amphibole fibers, which includes brown asbestos, blue asbestos, actinolite, tremolite, and anthophyllite.

Although there are asbestos exposure & health risks, fibers of asbestos can be useful because they are resistant to many chemicals and heat, do not conduct electricity, and strong.

Asbestos, as a result, since ancient times has been used as insulating material.

Asbestos has been used since the Industrial Revolution to insulate ships, factories, homes, and schools, as well as to make clutch parts and brakes for automobiles, roofing shingles, floor and ceiling tiles, textiles, cement, et al.

During the first 50 years of the 20th century, increasing evidence revealed that the scarring of the lungs was due to inhaling of asbestos.

Exposure to dust from asbestos in the workplace at that time was not controlled.

Beginning in the 1930s, steps were taken in England in the asbestos industry to protect workers by installing exhaust and ventilation systems.

During World War II, however, in the huge shipbuilding effort, vast numbers of workers were exposed to asbestos at high levels.

As cancers related to asbestos became recognized during the latter half of the last century, measures were pursued to diminish exposure, which include establishing exposure laws and standards which banned, in construction materials, the use of asbestos.

There has been a significant decrease in using and importing asbestos since the mid-1970s in the United States; thus, alternative insulating materials were developed.

Asbestos exposure & health risks have dramatically decreased as a result.

Asbestos is still used in several products, however. Possibly, individuals are still exposed to the toxic material in water pipes, older buildings, and various other environments.

With asbestos exposure & health risks, there is no current cure available for any sustained injury caused.

Legal Rights to Receive Compensation

Personnel in the armed forces, including veterans in the Navy, have legal rights to recover financial damages if one sustained injuries, or died due to asbestos exposure.

Naturally, this entails individuals who have honorably served on land or sea in cruisers, frigates, merchant marine ships, minesweepers, submarines, aircraft carriers, and other warships.

Third parties held liable can entail manufacturers of equipment, shipbuilders, and others bound for duty to offer products supposed to be considered safe.

Companies in the asbestos industry had been aware for decades of the hazardous exposure to the toxic fibers of asbestos.

Even with the knowledge available, however, profits instead of the safety of others were a priority.

Thus, they can be held liable legally to provide victims compensation.

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