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Assault Hillsborough County

What is assault and how much trouble could you be facing if you are facing these charges in Hillsborough County?

There are several types of assault but basically in the state of New Hampshire, it means some kind of physical contact that results in someone being injured. In legal terms, it is typically called "unprivileged" assault.

Hillsborough County criminal defense lawyer Michael Anzalone will explain to you that unprivileged assault means that it was done without permission, which may sound silly. Simply put, it is an unwanted attack. Or, the charges could come from "recklessly" or "negligently" causing injury to someone.

If you are facing an assault charge, you'll want to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney such as Michael Anzalone to help you through the legal process. It can be a long road and Michael Anzalone and his associates at The Anzalone Law Firm in Nashua, New Hampshire, will help you every step of the way.

Most cases of simple assault result in misdemeanor charges unless the assault is "committed in a fight" that is entered mutually by the parties involved.

Just because the charge is called simple assault, it doesn't mean the legal process will be simple. It can, in fact, be quite complicated and that's why you will want to have a criminal defense lawyer who has represented clients facing similar charges.

Your lawyer will explain that if a jury of your peers in Hillsborough County convicts you of simple assault charges, you could face any of the following: time in jail, a restraining order, court fees and/or fines or anger management courses. A judge will determine the best course of action based on your individual case.

And if you are hit with additional charges relating to the simple assault case, the prosecutors could decide to bring felony charges. These could be Class A or Class B felony charges, again depending on the circumstances of your case.

At The Anzalone Law Firm, our goal is to get the best possible outcome in the case for you. In some cases, this may be a trial before a judge and jury. Or, your criminal defense lawyer may recommend a plea deal with the prosecution. In this situation, you would be required to plead guilty to similar or lesser charges in exchange for a lesser sentence or possibly even a suspended sentence.

But, you need to understand that you will need to be truthful to your attorney so he can properly assess the situation and make recommendations.

The state of New Hampshire lays out the charges and possible penalties in the criminal code. Simple assault can be found at RSA 631:2-a.

This is something that is easily avoidable by, in many cases, just keeping your temper in check. This is why it is important to participate in anger management classes if the judge orders you to do so. By doing this, you may be able to keep your record clean and avoid these kinds of situations in the future.

For the best possible advice on handling a simple assault charge, please contact us at 603-548-3797 for a free consultation with Michael Anzalone.

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